Eva Hair & Makeup studio is positioned alongside the water, in the heart of Kangaroo Point, Sydney. Drink in the quiet, welcoming atmosphere as Eva Akis guides you through a tailored masterclass. Her illustrious hair and makeup experience spans over 14 years, ensuring both private and group classes are an engaging and truly educational experience.

Above all else, Eva’s approach to education is both patient and attentive, offering a serene environment to relax, learn and practise newfound skills.

masterclasses with eva akis

Makeup and Hair

Makeup Masterclass

hairstyling Education

Each class is developed to nurture your passion for makeup whilst imparting a plethora of industry-first techniques and current trends. Suited to everyone from industry experts looking to refine their skills through to teenagers, Hen’s groups and the everyday woman who has a keen interest in makeup: all ages, group sizes and experience levels are welcome. 

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masterclasses with eva akis

Sydney Makeup

Whether your goal is to achieve the perfect fresh-faced makeup look, natural bronzed makeup or improve your makeup application techniques, Eva has a wealth of knowledge to impart. With a focus on building your intrinsic confidence, both individual and group classes can cover many facets of makeup including
(but not limited to): 

makeup masterclass


Essential skincare routines 

Colour matching foundation 




Eyeshadow and lash application

Natural bronzed makeup

Product selection for your face shape and skin type.

one on one 3hrs $400

group booking 2+ $300 per person

available monday to thursday

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my hope is to empower women to embrace their innate beauty

Eva Akis

"In teaching makeup, my hope is to empower women to embrace their innate beauty. What perhaps suited them in their teens, may not necessarily be the best choice for them in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and so on. By guiding women to feel confident in their product choice and makeup application, we open the door to them feeling radiant and truly beautiful at any age. And that is my ultimate goal as an artist and an educator."

For professionals seeking to offer a polished and experienced bridal hair service, Eva’s personalised one-on-one hairstyling lessons are the answer. In just one day, Eva will equip you with a suite of invaluable tips and tricks to enhance your skills and transform your approach to hair. 

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Hairstyling Education

Eva Akis

hairstyling education


Tailored to your unique skill level, these classes are perfect if you are:

An established hairdresser who lacks specific experience in bridal hair, but desires to establish yourself in this specialised field

A makeup artist looking to upskill, enabling you to confidently offer a comprehensive bridal hair styling service 

A hairstyling student, recent graduate, or self-taught stylist with basic hair knowledge, aspiring to offer bridal hair styling alongside your current work.

With Eva's guidance, you'll receive the hands-on support and education needed to excel in this competitive industry. Bookings are essential.  

one on one hair Masterclass

Half day 4hrs (1 to 3 styles) $600

Full Day 6hrs (2 to 4 styles) $900

available monday to thursday

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