Eva Akis, a name synonymous with 14+ years of mastery in hair and makeup, presents an exceptional blend of artistry and precision for your commercial events. Elevate your brand's visual narrative with Eva's keen eye for detail and profound expertise.

Eva Hair & Makeup brings a unique touch to commercial events, whether it's corporate headshots, brand photography, or commercial shoots. Eva's artistic prowess, combined with her understanding of your brand's essence, ensures that every face becomes a canvas of beauty that resonates with your brands’ vision.

Elevate Your Commercial Presence with Eva Hair & Makeup

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Step into the world of polished elegance and undeniable confidence. Eva's artistry transcends boundaries, making every individual shine in their unique light. From executive headshots to brand campaigns, Eva and her team curate an experience that captures the essence of your commercial narrative, delivering a flawless and unforgettable look.

Eva Hair & Makeup redefines commercial aesthetics, crafting a blend of sophistication and authenticity that leaves a lasting impression. Let Eva's personalised touch redefine your brand's visual identity, ensuring that your commercial event is a masterpiece of art and elegance.

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Editorial and fashion

Unveil the full potential of your brand with Eva Hair & Makeup. Contact us today to collaborate on a masterpiece that transforms your commercial vision into captivating reality.

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