Over the last decade, Eva Akis has evolved into a wedding hairstylist and makeup sensation, prioritising creative expression and exceptional services. Uniting a talented team of artists, Eva’s brand has cultivated a culture of excellence. Her ability to create meaningful connections with women has ensured an unrivalled attention to detail and truly memorable experiences for brides throughout Sydney. 

Creativity that pushes the boundaries remains at the heart of everything Eva stands for: diligently learning, growing and adapting with the ever-evolving beauty industry. From the initial consultation through to the finishing touches, Eva invests her whole self into creating bespoke experiences that exceed client expectations. Her confident sincerity enriches the getting ready experience and is a testament to her generosity and expertise.

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For many years I enjoyed an embellished accounting and finance career (both domestically and abroad), before I embarked on my journey into motherhood. As many mothers will echo, raising children is a euphoric whirlwind. One that often leaves us depleted, conflicted with exhaustion and existing in a hazy place between sleep deprivation and yearning for something more stimulating. 

As my children grew older, I was overcome with a desire to rediscover myself. I’d pushed aside my deep longing for identity as the months flew by, but something craved the astute, striving career woman I’d once been. I pined for a renewed confidence and a fresh-faced radiance that united me with other women who surely felt the same. 

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This is what ultimately led me to enrol in a diploma of Hair and Makeup at the esteemed Academy of Makeup in Paddington: taking evening classes and dedicating my Sundays to mastering my craft. Witnessing first-hand the transformative effect makeup has on a woman’s confidence inspired me. And what started as an impassioned side hustle, quickly blossomed into a thriving full time business: Eva Hair & Makeup. 

To this day I continue to guide women through their personal makeup journey’s, adapting and curating looks to align with the ever-evolving stages of their lives. By combining my professional background with my innate creative skills, I’m able to handle high-pressure situations, resolve wedding-day hiccups with ease, learn and adapt continuously and remain motivated to learn, grow and share my hair and makeup skillset. After all, Eva Hair & Makeup has never been limited to radiant makeup looks or polished hairstyles, but enriching the lives of women so the biggest day of their life is as memorable, joyful and transformative as possible. 

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