The Truth About Acne

The Truth About Acne
By Eva, February 02 2019

Breaking out can be a confidence killer for anyone and spending hours applying acne creams and cleansers can be defeating if they don’t do the trick, especially when you’ve got that all important party in four hours.

But what’s worse is that we often spend time trying to treat the problem instead of preventing the problem. We’ve all heard our Mums and Aunts tell us what causes acne, but they’re often old wives tales that lead us down the wrong path to clear skin.

Luckily, the team at Eva Hair & Makeup have done their research. We’re here to provide make our clients feel their more beautiful, not only with makeup and hair styling, but with beautiful, naturally beautiful skin. Here are some skin care myths you may have heard about:

1. Junk food causes acne.
This myth is not entirely false. While you may think last Tuesday’s chocolate may be the cause of your sudden outbreak, research has found that only certain foods actually trigger acne. High-GI foods (sugary snacks, white bread etc.) cause an insulin boost, creating the perfect condition for pimples to form.

2. Washing your face often avoids pimples
Washing your face too often causes your skin to dry out. As a response, your sebaceous glands release oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. When this happens, often too much oil is produced, clogging pores and keeping bacteria in the skin.

3. Sweat causes acne
Sweat glands are not the same as sebaceous glands and do not work to clog the skin, however a condition called acne mechanica does exist. This condition is caused by a mix of heat, friction, and covered skin. Avoid wearing tight clothing and make sure you rise off properly at the end of a workout to prevent breaking out!

4. Sun exposure reduces acne
No amount of sun time is going to help remove your acne. The sun is bad for your skin in terms of premature aging and UV radiation. Although a tan can remove the redness of pimples, it is not recommended and eventually the tan will fade while the acne is still actively being produced.

It is important to understand that acne is common among those under 30. If your acne is painful or excessive, it may be a good idea to consult your GP for further advice. Meanwhile, be sure to look after your body from the inside out with regular hydration, exercise and getting those all important vitamins and minerals!